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Recently I:

I addicted to: SMOOTHIE!! Especially apple-banana-combine-with-everything smoothies! Yummy! Looking for A Job A great full-time job related to e-commerce bussiness would be nice! (Especially the one which related to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and homeliving) Addicted to Death Note Live Action Drama! Though it has a different characterizing of the characters than the movies and anime… Continue reading Recently I:

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Back to Nature

During the vacation of the campus organization member, grateful that we went to some interesting places with interesting view so I can tried LeRoss (it’s the shorten of Le Rossignol, my analog SLR camera, in case you don’t know) as possible I could I was actually use expired color films (because I don’t want to take… Continue reading Back to Nature

My Blabber Side · My Photography Junkie

Energy Infusion: Needed

I can’t nearly think about anything. I don’t even have anything on my mind about what to post here. So many things happen and to do one after another, like and endless act of the drama, that I keep telling myself “Breath, Oka, breath.” If I happen to get a rest day, I most likely… Continue reading Energy Infusion: Needed