#CurrentObsession: Frankie Magazine

credits to: Frankie Magazine
credits to: Frankie Magazine


This is actually New Year’s Eve but if you follow me through years, then you know I’m not really give a damn to it. I mean, horns and fireworks and countdown are too noisy to celebrate something that are really not a thing to be celebrate extravagantly.

But anyway, introduce my another hashtag project which is #CurrentObsession because you may know that I am a person with gazillion interests and once I’m into something I can really involved with it.

So basically I’m not starting to properly read a book. Lately I’ve tried so many, but no even one finished so I thought, why not ‘train’ myself with something lighter instead? Like, magazine, maybe? Then when a blogwalking taking me for this whimsical website called Frankie then I follow them on Instagram (because, you know, recently instagram becomes google for me) and fall in love with their concept and started reading their e-mag!

Main story

Credits: Frankie Magazine

Frankie is basically a women magazine published in Australia. For me, Frankie Magazine is like a new and fresh source of inspiration for a simple-artsy life. The designs and illustrations itself are clean. Filled with pastels and warm colors, watercolor illustrations, retro images, and other what-not-to-love things. Basically there’s so many, but I’ll highlight the most notable things:

ADS! In every edition Frankie always welcome us to a teenie-weenie section called Frank Bits that consisted of some (okay, SO MUCH) Ads and product promotions and curatorials. But (this is I called ENLIGHTMENT), it doesn’t feel irritating AT ALL! Each and every of them have design and images that are going so well with the vibrant of the mag, plus the content writing are giving us the new spelling of promotional advertising. Believe or not, those ads, I read and stare each one of them.

WORDS! Like I said before, words that Frankie use is somehow a new kind for me. It’s kind of snob and filled with sarcasm, but in the totally new perspective and aware me of so many simple things I never put attention before. And it filled with humor too!

COLUMN! In another woman magazine you’ll find Beauty, Life, Zodiac, Celebrity Update, Fashion Trends, Boys, News, Music, Books, while Frankie chew it up like a gum and vomiting all totally new columns like Around the World, Mind Your Business, Try This At Home, Learn Something New, What A Great Idea, Road Test (This is my favorite

ARTICLES! You may not find latest thing that happen in the world in it. Somehow I assume that Frankie is introvert-kind of magazine which really into indoor and some particular outdoor getaway. It’s not bringing us into the present world but instead take us to the world which absolutely new, that we aren’t aware of before. It takes us meeting a new people with a cool profession, one-of-a-kind story, and keen inspiration, but if we happen to just stay it home, it give us some cool ideas too!

LAYOUT! Frankie present the words and images in a clean white background with classic fonts which easy and fuss-free to read. But in some section the words become too dense. Like an interview where there’s no space between question and the answer. I think if they have to fix one thing, it must be this layout style.

Afterall, Frankie cherish independence, and both stay-home and wanderlust minds. It prove us that “Less is More” and embrace the artistic side of us. Soon enough after I got my own salary and verified paypal account, I’ll subscribe to the physical prints right away!


I don’t know is this a Frankie effect or no, but lately I listens to Frank Sinatra A LOT. His voice reminds me of old, retro Disney movies in my childhood memory.


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