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Rumble Mumble

Tell me why I’m such a lazyhead these days? I doing so many things and nothing at the same time. Even that I have enough time, I left my blog just like that. Pfft…. Know what, since I’m so random these days (actually, and the other days too) I feel like throwing those pieces of randomness here.

I just so into dance today. Yet, you hear me clear. I just (accidentally) browse through Youtube (oh YT is my sanctuary) and I found this dance school channel which the presentation is sleek and modern designs, called 1MILLION Dance Studio and they’re sooooo expeeeeerrrttt! As expected from the notable KPOP modern dancer, I instantly obsessed. I don’t dance, anymore. But I was always enjoyed it in my school days formerly. I just love the idea of moving the body with the music rhythim. It sure the best feeling ever.

1 million

I think I’ll enjoying dance again starting today…

I’m also always always into fashion. Yet there are many local and overseas clothes brands I kept eyeing since the fall season is here since fall fashion always soooo fascinating to me. Today I’ll talk about local brands only, and if it’s going to fashion, whimsical twist and cute basics is my things ❤

The first brand is Argyle and oxford. But the newest edition of them doesn’t ring anything on me. Honestly it’s a bit too ‘jungle’ for me, like Eliza Tornberry bringing around Safari Park with her. Hmmm…. But their previous collections are still sooo cute.

argyle and oxford

Second is Day and Night, who apparently still on summer mood so no new A/W collections yet, but still, they are cute like A LOT.

get_products.php sdfs

Thus here they are Mannequin Plastic, teasering their new collection “Yume no Machine” with a hint of playful bold-neon colors in instagram which I can’t take a pic so here their previous collections that melt me to the bits.



There’s actually much more, but I have to stop there before it’s become a long fashion madness post. So next I actually join exciting activity in instagram called #Inktober which is basically just posting draws using ink in whole October month. The goal is posting one month FULL in order to get better on inking in the end of the month. But you know me. I can’t tighten on routine so I skipped so badly. Well I just told you that I’m on a lazyhead phase these days!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Okay, starting tomorrow I have to be more discipline!! Inking everyday!! *Sudden On-fire*

Anyway, I actually doesn’t have any interest in SCANDAL day by day. They’re become so different and I don’t like it. But I always downloaded their new releases anyway, so here is one of those songs I listens everyday.

Anyway,  it’s pretty hot here in Indonesia. No rain for almost 6 months, almost suffer on drought anywhere. In my place, everything is fine, but I pray everyday for those who don’t.

Anyone, please be safe and stay hydrated, okay?

My Fashion Madness Side

Ceremony Woot Woot

I know I’m such a freaking junkie for shoes. And there’s one shoes that I’m obsessed the most. I’ve saw it on Katahira Rina’s “Oh JANE” music video before and instantly fall in love in the first sight.

Look!! This shoes I mean! <3
Look!! This shoes I mean! ❤

But since I can’t find where is it from, I just capture as many picture of it in the video as possible, in case I find a revelation someday.


I just tracing Clothes Encounters’s video I accidentally found it here! Wore by Jenn Im!! Gosh!

How I Style - Mom Jeans.mp4_000074441

So then I crazily-hastily-blindly browsing and VOILA!! I found her on Solestruck! Grunge Oxford in silver pearl patent!

Look at her! Aren't she a beautiful things ever?!
Look at her! Aren’t she a beautiful things ever?!

But my eyes almost popped out when I see the price, $369.95,! IM JUST AN UNEMPLOYED STUDENT OH WORLD IS UNFAIR.

But I can’t really hands up for such a beauty like this so since I’ve saved all the pictures of it, think I will bring it to the shoe-maker to made me a customized ones YAY (note: Please bear with me because that’s all I can do for now T__T)

Oh how I loved patent leather shoes….

That's why I love love my current shoes
That’s why I love love my current shoes
And my old shoes that had been nowhere now since I wear them too often hahah :P
And my old shoes that had been nowhere now since I wear them too often hahah 😛

Anyway, I feel unwell these days, a hints of heavy cold and flu everytime, especially on the evening. So since I’ve made a great progress for my final paper proposal today, I will just make a hot milk and go to bed after this.

In Indonesia, the weather is pretty upredictable these days, so take care everyone, wherever you are ❤

My Fangirl Side

My Top-Three Favorite Youtubers

1.Goose House from Goose House


Actually they’re not youtubers, instead, they are extremely talented musicians from Japan who have frequently making and covering music through their youtube channel!! I first know them when I browse cover song of SCANDAL, NICO Touches the Walls, and Katahira Rina, and they are aaalways appear. I’m a curious wolf so I just straightly check them out and instantly fell in love. Not only they’re so talented to rearrange the music they cover, but they also capable on not only one, but sooooo many instruments and tend to appear in various coordination with various instruments and all soooo good. Moreover, not only covering, they also have their own original songs and those are the best ever.

2. Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters


I just love her in-person. Not only because she has an awesome style (and awesome boots too!! ugh!) and awesome yet useful videos but also her manner. She tend to be so cheerfull and kind and pure and adorable and energetic and… I don’t know. Whenever I see her I just instantly feel so happy. So maybe I think that’s what inner beauty called.

3. Zoe from Zoella


Now one more adorable girl I know from youtube! She is soooo funny and beautiful and has so many useful videos, especially those about life and fashion and other random thing, and moreover, she is a British! So, you know, my english is not that good and so the listening skill. So watching her videos can practice me on the same time. Well, believe it or not, but watching british youtubers is the most efficient way to practicing my listening skill ♥


Even they’re just a few of some channel that I frequently checking out from time to time, still I don’t know much about great channels or youtuber-in-person and I would like to know! So what is your favourite youtube channel? Please tell me the link in the comment below! I surely excited like to check! ♥♥♥




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Pink, Bouquet, Lace, and Everything Nice

Yesterday, I skipped the class to attend seminar that I’ve been look forward. Do not feel any guilty feeling, so I realize, apparently that’s what I need. Furthermore, I participated on hand-mark-event of #antirokok campaign. (I hate smoke and cigarette, you know?) Had fun time combining paint with my palm ♥


On the way back home, I dropped to bookstore and found this exciting book about fashion.


And today (which is sunday now) I planned to do some storywriting that I’ve been had not since a looooooooong time. Me and sunny challenge one another to make a short story this week (this time the genre is romance). And I had already things in my mind wait to written on! Excited!


I almost had myself again. I feel like being myself, since I lost for a long time. Thank you Ya Allah. I will stay like this, I will never let them change me anymore.

My Fashion Madness Side

Alexander McQueen SS15 Collection

I don’t really goes on with high designer such as Miu Miu, Prada, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, or else. But just a first glimpse of Alexander McQueen SS15, I instantly fall in love.

Those are the great combination of Samurai and Geisha presented with more darker vibe. Strenghten by the accents of obi, Orchids, Sakura, kimono cutting, and waraji-tie-styled gladiator sandal. Completion from the fierce samurai into the fluffy sakura.

I looooove all of them, but if I have to choose, I would probably say picture number 1, 10, and 11.

MARC0021 MARC0037 MARC0085 MARC0099 MARC0133 MARC0219 MARC0235 MARC0267 MARC0299 MARC0339 MARC0375 MARC0389 MARC0421 MARC0449 MARC0483

Credits: Pictures are taken from


PS : I miss this blog and I miss you guys, but my life currently at rush now so I will rarely catch up here! Sadly sadly sadly 😦

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Wishlist Number #70

It’s obvious for me now. When you are chosen as a leader, it means that you have to dive yourself in the middle of so many people.





And because more people means more opinions to face, no matter how hard you tried the best, there are always people who mock you, stab you, make fun of you. Just because they are not satisfied of what you had done.




However, it’s a free world! Everyone allowed to have their own opinion, so it’s up to them. But despite to satisfied or dissatisfied your people, being a leader means you have to think over what’s the best of everyone. That the point.


Never let them freakin’ you out! Just stay focus!



PS: I always adore how boys wear oversized shirt and look amazingly cool with it. So when oniichan is not home, I tried to sliding his wardrobe to grab some great oversized shirt! See, this dark brown corduroy shirt is belong to him! And still so many great piece in his wardrobe to go! Just can’t wait another time to play with them!

My Fashion Madness Side

Day to Remember

The more I think about life, the more I don’t understand. I thought there is a reason behind everything, but sometimes one by one things occur and we do not even see the pattern of it. Laugh, cry, angry, shy, agony. Sometimes so hard to follow the changes of emotions.


Have you ever asking, what you’ve been born for? Why you have to living the life and make it on your own? Or simply have you ever asked, what is the life itself?


Had been living for 20 years, I think I would get to know everything someday. But somehow why do I feeling I don’t even get it?
“Should I or should not I?” is one of question that haunting my mind on never ending regulation.


As the life goes by, I hope I will get wiser. Am I get wiser? Can I get wiser? How to get wiser?


PS: Today, (well, since it already 1.40 AM, should I say, yesterday?) a sweet gift from Oh la Vintage arrived, and I got an adorable skirt!! Yaayy!!! I impressed by how good the quality is, and how beauty it even seen directly. Nicely made upon my expectation! You should try ’em, they provide nice vintage outfits with a good quality!


Ps again: It’s the first time of my life, applied the eyeliner on my eyes, and by myself!! There, there, can you see?