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Rumble Mumble

Tell me why I’m such a lazyhead these days? I doing so many things and nothing at the same time. Even that I have enough time, I left my blog just like that. Pfft…. Know what, since I’m so random these days (actually, and the other days too) I feel like throwing those pieces of… Continue reading Rumble Mumble

My Fashion Madness Side

Ceremony Woot Woot

I know I’m such a freaking junkie for shoes. And there’s one shoes that I’m obsessed the most. I’ve saw it on Katahira Rina’s “Oh JANE” music video before and instantly fall in love in the first sight. But since I can’t find where is it from, I just capture as many picture of it… Continue reading Ceremony Woot Woot

My Fangirl Side

My Top-Three Favorite Youtubers

1.Goose House from Goose House Actually they’re not youtubers, instead, they are extremely talented musicians from Japan who have frequently making and covering music through their youtube channel!! I first know them when I browse cover song of SCANDAL, NICO Touches the Walls, and Katahira Rina, and they are aaalways appear. I’m a curious wolf… Continue reading My Top-Three Favorite Youtubers

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Pink, Bouquet, Lace, and Everything Nice

Yesterday, I skipped the class to attend seminar that I’ve been look forward. Do not feel any guilty feeling, so I realize, apparently that’s what I need. Furthermore, I participated on hand-mark-event of #antirokok campaign. (I hate smoke and cigarette, you know?) Had fun time combining paint with my palm ♥ On the way back… Continue reading Pink, Bouquet, Lace, and Everything Nice

My Fashion Madness Side

Alexander McQueen SS15 Collection

I don’t really goes on with high designer such as Miu Miu, Prada, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, or else. But just a first glimpse of Alexander McQueen SS15, I instantly fall in love. Those are the great combination of Samurai and Geisha presented with more darker vibe. Strenghten by the accents of obi, Orchids, Sakura,… Continue reading Alexander McQueen SS15 Collection

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Wishlist Number #70

It’s obvious for me now. When you are chosen as a leader, it means that you have to dive yourself in the middle of so many people. And because more people means more opinions to face, no matter how hard you tried the best, there are always people who mock you, stab you, make fun… Continue reading Wishlist Number #70