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Human are Imperfect, Therefore Gary Stu and Mary Sue are Not Human

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So many motivation talks or topic that take a certain person as a life-inspirator. Which this person has so many abilities, talents, achievements, and prosperity. And the talks just go around and around this envious things that sounds too perfect to be true. Too impossible for us to reach.

Am I envy them? Of course.

Am I need them to be my inspiration? Obviously NOT.

In my most honest opinion, why we have to look upon them if they sounds nothing like ‘human’? Why they have to talk only their abilities and achievements without making themselves more ‘human’?

In this life, we don’t need Marry Sue nor Garry Stu. We, creature with flaws, need REAL HUMAN whom we can relate ourselves to. Someone to be our inspiration, therefore we can push ourselves to be a better person.

My Blabber Side · My Chaotic Philosophy

For Life, Choose One That Matter The Most

I came home with such a frustration. I threw away my stilettos, yes that pretty killer (in a literal way) stilettos that broke both of my banks and feet. I started rambling the kitchen, ‘I need coffee’ I said to myself. I need coffee as if I need drugs. A little teaspoon of sugar, because… Continue reading For Life, Choose One That Matter The Most

My Blabber Side · My Chaotic Philosophy

Embrace The ‘Healthier’ Life

By writing ‘Healthier’ here, no no, I don’t mean eat greens and be vegetarian or by any means of phrase “Healthy Life’ mostly people relating to. It just something, simple things, rather too simple that we somehow can’t figure it out. In this rapid globalization and techno expansion I just found out that we somehow… Continue reading Embrace The ‘Healthier’ Life

My Blabber Side · My Chaotic Philosophy

#LearnToday 6: Pats Your Own Head, Push Your Own Back, Trust No One, Depend on Yourself

“You are officially adult and matured if you are alone, no one you believe thus you aren’t feel lonely and melanchony. Because in this case, you have believed on your own power and keep going without lean on anyone’s shoulders but yours. That’s the point of being mature anyway, being strong on your own.”