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#TheMorningTales: Lingering Tangerine

According to how much I find uncomfortability about morning, the rare moment when I got up early and feeling great about it is always shocked yet amazed me. We never really goes together, me and the sun, but I managed to snap some of the beauty it left in the form of shadows trays and plays.

morning 2

morning 3

morning 4

morning 5

Say, I might be a little bit obsessed with homey-cozy-moody photographs on pinterest. these pictures, more or less, reflect it. The slow and still life I always craving for, from some unusual corner of my parent’s house.

morning 6

morning 7

morning 8

morning 9

morning 10

I have many things to do today. A hint: I’m currently and still struggling to get my thesis done before August begin (which sounds like impossible now). Nevertheless, may your morning coffee be strong, errands be smooth, and God blesses always.

Good morning everyone!

morning 1

PS: All photos are mine so in case you’d like to repost it somewhere, a credit would be nice! 🙂

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[Color Code:] Teal & Pink

Something extremely exciting is coming! And I’m extremely extremely excited! My brainchild would be here super soon! Look! I’m super genius that my brain can even give birth it’s own child, am I not? (please don’t throw me and my arrogancy to the abyss)

But I still have to work out some (MILLIONS!) major and minor details hence I still can’t leak more. So in the meantime, please enjoy this galore of teal and pink hue to brightens your day!











Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




All credits goes to Pinterest. Just comment below if you own one of this to get it credited directly to you. Ok? Okay!

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Youtuber One Day

No, it isn’t mean I making videos and upload it on youtube. Tho I really want it honestly but I don’t have camera with a so-so quality so, yeah, I have to wait another years to come to be a youtuber.

Anyway my point is: it’s sunday and I’m totally free (actually NO, but I’m too tired to think about college’s academic bussinesses so I neglect it just like that) and I used this day to…..WATCHING YOUTUBE ALL-DAY!!

And I managed to explore many exciting things on youtube! For example, I’m just subscribe to DigitalRevTV channel.


It’s a channel about photography but what makes it wonderful, it presented by an easy way to be understood by amateurs! It filled with useful ‘how-to’ videos, useful ‘what is’ videos, have so many interesting segments such as “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge” series, put lot on reviewing the classic rival: Canon vs Nikon, plus they’re so funny that it refresh me a lot!!

For people who wanted to learn photography online through youtube but always find that photography tutorial videos existed are so long-winded, out of point, and hard to understand, I recommending this channel A LOT.

But even if you aren’t into photography, you definitely should check them out!

AND (this is the most interesting part of this day) look what I found on youtube:

Against The Current, a band vocalled by Chrissy Constanza, have a song featuring TAKA from ONE OK ROCK. I mean, it’s really TAKA! It’s really ONE OK ROCK!!


God can I be more proud of TAKA?! Can I? Can’t I?


This is a wonderful day…. *dances*

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Back to Nature

During the vacation of the campus organization member, grateful that we went to some interesting places with interesting view so I can tried LeRoss (it’s the shorten of Le Rossignol, my analog SLR camera, in case you don’t know) as possible I could

I was actually use expired color films (because I don’t want to take the risk since I’ve never load and unload film into analog camera before and that’s the best choice I have since expired films is cheap) so I kind of worried if the results is something different that I expected (in a bad way).

Then after load and unload it successfully (thanks God!), I make it into two rolls and I have to bring it to be scanned (one-of-a-few scan studio apparently located just a few meters from my campus! Yay!). And yes! It’s apparently working! And the fact that expired films not make any breaks into my pictures, I’m so both excited and relieved! XD

Well, from 36 exposures each film, which is mean I supposed to have nearly 72 photo results, it’s actually not that much, hehe. Still too many things to be learned. I have to learn how to approximate the distance to adjust the right focus, and to estimate the lighting to adjust the right ISO and similars.

But hey, I just learned one thing. In this instant era, where everything seems to be easier and digitalized, people who use digital camera can take as many photos as they want, and preview it on the LCD and erase it and take another photo, but since you cannot do that with Analog camera, we tought to be appreciated everything more. The moment, the time, the frame, the process, the trial, the value, and the money, of course, since analog photography is not instantly cheap.

Anyway, I just love the tone of the photos ❤


Ps: All photos taken with RICOH F50 with Fuji Superia 200 by ne, so a full credits would be nice if you happen to use it somewhere 🙂

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Pink, Bouquet, Lace, and Everything Nice

Yesterday, I skipped the class to attend seminar that I’ve been look forward. Do not feel any guilty feeling, so I realize, apparently that’s what I need. Furthermore, I participated on hand-mark-event of #antirokok campaign. (I hate smoke and cigarette, you know?) Had fun time combining paint with my palm ♥


On the way back home, I dropped to bookstore and found this exciting book about fashion.


And today (which is sunday now) I planned to do some storywriting that I’ve been had not since a looooooooong time. Me and sunny challenge one another to make a short story this week (this time the genre is romance). And I had already things in my mind wait to written on! Excited!


I almost had myself again. I feel like being myself, since I lost for a long time. Thank you Ya Allah. I will stay like this, I will never let them change me anymore.

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Day to Remember

The more I think about life, the more I don’t understand. I thought there is a reason behind everything, but sometimes one by one things occur and we do not even see the pattern of it. Laugh, cry, angry, shy, agony. Sometimes so hard to follow the changes of emotions.


Have you ever asking, what you’ve been born for? Why you have to living the life and make it on your own? Or simply have you ever asked, what is the life itself?


Had been living for 20 years, I think I would get to know everything someday. But somehow why do I feeling I don’t even get it?
“Should I or should not I?” is one of question that haunting my mind on never ending regulation.


As the life goes by, I hope I will get wiser. Am I get wiser? Can I get wiser? How to get wiser?


PS: Today, (well, since it already 1.40 AM, should I say, yesterday?) a sweet gift from Oh la Vintage arrived, and I got an adorable skirt!! Yaayy!!! I impressed by how good the quality is, and how beauty it even seen directly. Nicely made upon my expectation! You should try ’em, they provide nice vintage outfits with a good quality!


Ps again: It’s the first time of my life, applied the eyeliner on my eyes, and by myself!! There, there, can you see?