My Chaotic Philosophy

If You Want Something, Then Chase After It. Nothing’s Good Comes From Only Dreaming

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Walt Disney not always right, my head said as I sank deeper into my work chair, sighing deeply.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” he said.

Absolutely incomplete formulas, somehow.

I’ve been dreaming to much lately. Wait, I’ve ALWAYS been dreaming too much. It’s like building our own Mary’s Secret Garden, we have absolute sanctuary on our own. The reality sometime too harsh. Sugars and toxins are blending into grey area in which we are unable to define. Like a wolf trap, it’s unescapable. Then dreaming became such a recovery. It heals everything in just a glimpse.

“Just hold on. Everything will get better.”

“Keep survive the state of affairs.”

“Just be patient now then you’ll get better in the future.”

Thanks, everybody. I can relate all of that. Everybody knows nothing comes easy, everything need process and a clear progress, and it often comes with hardness and brain-haunting matters.

Well, it’s all made sense in the beginning, before it become humbug.

Everything has an expiry date, because nothing is eternal. And so the words itself. While driving, showering, eating, even sleeping, maybe, I can’t stop questioning. Why we have to hold on? Why we have to wait any longer? If a ‘betterness’ that we pursue, why we have to abuse ourselves by being ‘patient’? If heart already say no, maybe it’s indeed time to say no, evidently, to the world.

Today I made a massive breakthrough on my career life. It was based on impulsive intention before I waited for several days, thus that impulsive decision transformed into something more rational and reasonable.

I don’t know what will come next, or in the future. Not that I gambling of my own life, it’s…

Well, maybe gamble, it is.

Nevertheless, as I pressed the “ON” button, I knew it would be a decision that I would never regret. I made it. Whether the next step will be right or left or nor in between, I’ve won the battle with my own self, with the countless fears and numerous “just hold on” advices that people threw to me. That’s what matter’s most.

Because if we wait and hold on any longer and not start making our own steps, we will lose without a battle.