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Ceremony Woot Woot

I know I’m such a freaking junkie for shoes. And there’s one shoes that I’m obsessed the most. I’ve saw it on Katahira Rina’s “Oh JANE” music video before and instantly fall in love in the first sight.

Look!! This shoes I mean! <3
Look!! This shoes I mean! ❤

But since I can’t find where is it from, I just capture as many picture of it in the video as possible, in case I find a revelation someday.


I just tracing Clothes Encounters’s video I accidentally found it here! Wore by Jenn Im!! Gosh!

How I Style - Mom Jeans.mp4_000074441

So then I crazily-hastily-blindly browsing and VOILA!! I found her on Solestruck! Grunge Oxford in silver pearl patent!

Look at her! Aren't she a beautiful things ever?!
Look at her! Aren’t she a beautiful things ever?!

But my eyes almost popped out when I see the price, $369.95,! IM JUST AN UNEMPLOYED STUDENT OH WORLD IS UNFAIR.

But I can’t really hands up for such a beauty like this so since I’ve saved all the pictures of it, think I will bring it to the shoe-maker to made me a customized ones YAY (note: Please bear with me because that’s all I can do for now T__T)

Oh how I loved patent leather shoes….

That's why I love love my current shoes
That’s why I love love my current shoes
And my old shoes that had been nowhere now since I wear them too often hahah :P
And my old shoes that had been nowhere now since I wear them too often hahah 😛

Anyway, I feel unwell these days, a hints of heavy cold and flu everytime, especially on the evening. So since I’ve made a great progress for my final paper proposal today, I will just make a hot milk and go to bed after this.

In Indonesia, the weather is pretty upredictable these days, so take care everyone, wherever you are ❤

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Latte of Late

In the Playstation 2 game: Persona 3 Trinity Soul, there’s a time between day to day, in precise 00.00 called Dark Hour, where such a whimsical things happens. It’s kinda similar time here on my zone, but there’s nothing whimsical happens. Instead, guess what I currently doing?

a. Doing my final paper proposal

b. Youtube-ing

c. Browsing

d. Listening music

e. Coffe-dr(u)nking

Three…Two…One!! Eeeeeek time’s up!!

The answer is, I do it all, at once!! *Imagine Lenka singing as a highlight*

I currently writing my Final Paper proposal (Oh I can’t believe this time will finally came in my college life, I’m both excited and frustrated ੧| ‾́ 〜 ‾́ |੭) /SLASH/ youtube-ing (Oh how adorable Jenn Im from Clothes encounters is I’m obsessed!!) /SLASH/ listening to a new album I’ve downloaded (Oh how Hakuchuumu by Aimer is such beautiful, melodical, magical soundtrack for the moment of frustration like this, yes, I’m a freaking masochist) /SLASH/ browsing though internet for some refreshment (but I end up stuck and the page count of my proposal is not increased hahah).

What’s more? I’m craving for pizza. Yes, this late, I’m Imagining about a wide wide pizza filled with pepperoni, smoked beef, sausage, cheese, tomato, paprica, and onion. Yada yada yare yare ₍₍ ( ‾᷄꒫‾᷅ ) ₎₎

Aaargggh it calling my nameee .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
Aaargggh it calling my nameee .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

My brain ‘ve been numb and I can’t clearly thinking. Thought I have to go to sleep now. See ya’ precious ❤

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Seven to Eight A.M

I’m so really cursed myself in lack of my post, really. And I cursed my connection too, or well, there no connection to blame as I lived ONE MONTH WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION ON MY LAPTOP. Phew, hence people are so terribbly influenced by internet connection THAT much these days, I feel so freakingly strong LOL.

I’ve traced back my previous posts and just realized that I almost talking about my life. zzzzz so boring, who wants to read those anyway? =____= I miss posting about other random things that much more interesting to read instead of teenie-weenie life update, sigh.

But yeah, my practical exams had already over and now I facing the (apparently) more harder: writing my final scientific paper. (Look I’m talking back about my life updates again oh well _orz_)

I watch a loooots of animes recently. And there’s few on-going animes that I loved the most such as Akatsuki no Yona, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Rolling☆Girls ! It such a refreshment after a hard college days. Once I’m at home, I’ll turn my laptop on and watching some of episodes of new animes and old-released anime too, such as Blood C, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, and Pandora Hearts and aaaall of my problems becomes like a yesterday story for a while, I feel a lot better. That such a great refreshment I tell you XD

Son Hak such a a badass! Omg he so perf, I need this guy on my love life <3 <3 <3
Son Hak such a badass! Omg he such a perf, I need this guy on my love life ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, well, gonna have to leave for college by now! We’ll talk about another unimportant-but-interesting things later! ❤

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Heart to Heart #1


I remember some years ago, when I still a pre-teenage girl, there is once a time I hate to be myself. That I thought being anyone else is better.

I hate my hair. I hate my face. I hate my body. I hate my school. I hate my home. I hate my parents. I hate my brothers. I hate my thoughts. I hate my abilities. I hate my brain. Simply I hate my life.

I was kind of having Inferior disease then tend to hide myself aside from the peer group. Yet, I’m naturally introvert but didn’t know anything and anyhow to settle it. I was tend to look around me and found anyone have a good life or, at least, good things in their life.

I was really an envious girl back then.

Then, I don’t really remember how, I got closer with the typical so-so girls in my junior high school back then. They are really lovely, they are caring also and have everything that I really wanted for myself, not on materials side, but more into…existence, feeling, intimacy, somethings like that. But then it became like a cliche teenage drama, that I slowly change myself in order to be fit them more. I change the way I talk, the way I look, the way I thought. Simply I forced myself to be less me. I even never visited school library since then!

Then I found another kind of girls that are totally different. At first, with the not-so-me thought, I judged them as weird and have to be anticipated. But day by day as I have a same extra class with them, like it or not, I start to observe them. And I surprised by how they could be so genuinely them. They not afraid of being misfit the peer group. And that day, I enough everything.

It’s a long long story about finding a true identity, but shortly, I started to love myself since then. I tried to find how exactly the way I think, feel, act, what I really wanted in life, and who I really want to be. I started to be more genuine.

Now I think, thats the perks of growing up. Searching the true version of ourselves could be a hard and scaring journey. But we human have to passed it all, otherwise, we cannot live a life on our own.

Me, the one you see (or this case, read) today is the most genuine version of myself. I’m no longer pretending, changing myself to be fit, or else bad.

This is me and in this big-round-edgeless world, I love to be me.

My Blabber Side

A Wonderful Sunday is Wonderful


1. Today is the sunday when I have to worry less about my practical exams as the hardest one is already passed. It’s not over yet, still two more to go, but, still, I’m as relieved as peppermint.

2. I wake up pretty early today in the middle of mild more to cold weather,

3. because today is raaaaaaining all day!!! Oh how I love rain from the deepest of my heart ♥

4. So I decide to spend my morning with a hot and sweet-but-not-too-sweet green tea and watching tv! What a typical lazy sunday morning that I loved ♥

5. And guess what, I stuck in the channel plays Shrek The Third! Its me who just barely know or the scripwriter or Shrek the Third has an excellent sense of humour? I cant stop laughing all over the film!

6. I (oh finally after a long time passed without reading a single book) just finish one book today! A children book by Beatrix Potter! Still I can’t get over the fluffyness even until now. I should have to read children books more. Talking about children book, I really missed Roald Dahl’s….

7. I draw quite alot today. You could check it on my instagram.

8. Father brought home a looooooots of fried chickens and beverages and I’m a junkfood eater, so, well yeah….

9. I’m just downloaded Afterlight app on my phone!! There’s a trouble so I cannot use it yet, hopefully tomorrow.

10. I watched “Brain Games” on TV this evening and amazed by the teory of how merchandisers and marketeers use a certain system on human’s brain to softly manipulate them. Formerly I thought it was some kind of strategy to read the markets and nothing to do with science and pschycology but I proved totally wrong!!

11. My beloved big brother gave me an ice cream (it kind of his habit every month ends heheh) and say he no longer working in his current office and decide work nearer from our home and I can’t believe how pleased I am. I mean sometimes as a brother and sister I often find him annoying, but having him nowhere near me is apparently far more annoying. I’m relieved.

12. Everyone in my house seems had a pretty good mood too today ♥

13. Tomorrow is monday and I actually a fanatic member of team I HATE MONDAY but since my exam turn is passed, I have nothing to do on monday and it extreeeeeemely make me so joyful. It’s really magical that your sunday could becoming far more wonderful if you don’t have to face things that you hate on Monday.

14. It still raining tonight and my bed feels a lil bit cold and I ready to doze off dreaming how wonderful a day that those simple things could made.

Good night ♥