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Movie: The Double


Rating: 6.5/10 (IMDb)
Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romance
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg (Simon James), Mia Wasikowska (Hannah)
Director: Richard Ayoade
Music: Andrew Hewitt
Releases: 2011


Main Story

This is not a review, merely thoughts instead. I just watched it this evening, in my lowest state of mind and my sick body, and it definitely a no-to-watch movie. I mean, it’s beautiful, in a most satirical and surreal way, plus Mia Wasikowska definitely my favorite actress, and the soundtrack enormously equipped the play, but, please, this is so beautifully depressing.

Please just don’t watch it when your heart not in it’s best state and circumstances, because tho it’s magnificent, it’s a somber kind of magnificence.

I might just end this day by crying in my bed weeping and mourning about life itself. Completely worsened by the film’s emotional manipulation.

Thanks, Mr. Ayoade. You know how to do it.

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Please Meet Persephone

Dreams do come true, they are really do.

It’s been a long time, even long before I made this blog, that I really really really want to have a flute and be able to playing them. Now seven years later, I really made it!

Bought a secondhand–because the new one priced as high as another galaxy–with a really good bargain. I can’t believe my luck. Apparently, sometimes the key of luck is merely one: patience.


I used all my savings and my banks might be crying right now, and still have tuitions to be payed for months ahead, that’s a big number to be sacrificed tho, but I can’t stop feeling thrilled, even in the way back home, my hands were trembling. I am holding YFL-221 that is MINE, for God’s shake! Please pinch me! Am I in the dream right now?

And yes, I named her Persephone, a Greek Goddess of springtime, because she is as graceful as it is.


Dreams do come true, now I believe, they are really do, only if you willing to sacrifice a lot for them.

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Rumble Mumble

Tell me why I’m such a lazyhead these days? I doing so many things and nothing at the same time. Even that I have enough time, I left my blog just like that. Pfft…. Know what, since I’m so random these days (actually, and the other days too) I feel like throwing those pieces of… Continue reading Rumble Mumble

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Tittle: 花言葉 / HANAKOTOBA Written By: Me 漢字: もう四月よねえ、春に花たちが咲いてる 新しくて木漏れ陽がキラキラ見えるのに 君の声もその笑顔もずっと 聞きたいんだよ、見ていたいよ、君が毎日に 花言葉は咲いてるよ、君に送る 意味を分かるのなら教えてよ 近くに入るなんて不思議な、弱虫ばかり 私に答えてよ、花言葉 Translate: It’s already April isn’t it? The time of spring where the flowers are blooming And the sunlight creates a new sparkling shades through the trees and leaves Your voice and your smile always always Be the one that… Continue reading 花言葉

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A Great Week to Be An Indonesian

I actually can’t wait to write about my recent purchases this week, but every night back from the intern office I’ve already exhausteeed.. No more power to open the laptop… but since it sunday today, here are my babies! If you happen to love upbeat easy-weasy light pop-ish rock with a high-technical bass sound and… Continue reading A Great Week to Be An Indonesian

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Cat Rhapsody

Now now Instagram really grant me a lots of wonderful things…and persons. So here I found OMOCAT and lusting and drolling and needing over her pieces. I mean, not only has a beautiful-meaningful-awesome printed pictures, there’s apparel section too! CAN’T YOU BELIEVE THAT?! And the concept of all models wearing mask is so cool also!!… Continue reading Cat Rhapsody