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Bitter Coffee, Fragrant Rain, The Music in My Ear

Convince me, hug me, tightly.

And we tried. Once, twice, third, endless.

The sounds is sweet, fall into the core. We dancing, praying, glimmering, fading.

Still, it so wide and long and far, our endless is end. Where’s the truth, I wondering? I’m a pathetic. I cry all night, in the rotation of why and how and stand still, year by year.

Save me, convince me, hug me, tightly.

It’s a bitter bitter life. So vacant, the road that every steps taken down without any sounds.

This is not a poem, not even a song. I wondering why the words fall beyond edge.

If I runaway now, could I take back my heart that saved by the golden case?

I’m too afraid of taken down.

I’m too afraid of falling all by myself.

The misery is endless, heartless, nobodies. I died to search the truth, all around you.

I’m a display mannequin, ride by fate.

I’m a puppet, played by destiny.

I’m a broken doll. Crushed, smashed, shattered, into the dusts.

Save me, convince me, hug me, kiss me.

That whimsical tones that you sing to me.


My Blabber Side

Flowers and Butterflies


“When the cloudy sky look clearer, people in road feels more kind, you starts listen to some bubbly love songs, and you look forward for the morning every single day on the night, don’t you feel that ‘falling in love’ is such a gift from God?”


NB: Thank you so so so much guys for 100 followers! Oh, and 12K +++ views too! OMG I don’t know how could you be so kind for me as a whatever-blogger with a whatever-blog which always post random whatever-things-and-topics! Let’s talk more often, please? I don’t bite anyway, I would love to read you thoughts too ❤

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A Great Week to Be An Indonesian

I actually can’t wait to write about my recent purchases this week, but every night back from the intern office I’ve already exhausteeed.. No more power to open the laptop… but since it sunday today, here are my babies!

Avenue album from Tokyolite!!!

If you happen to love upbeat easy-weasy light pop-ish rock with a high-technical bass sound and multi-player singer-guitarist then you should check Tokyolite!!! Some of their songs are in Indonesian and some are in english and I heard they have another song in Japanese tittled True Love!

The album is great and I just thinking to make a specified talk/review about it here, yes? 😉

Anyway, my all-time favorite of their song is always be this one:

And if it happen to be not enough, they have some official MV too ❤

And another wonderful purchase of mine is this!!!

Sketches and Artworks Compilation Book by Veleries ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks to Instagram that I find Veleries and her cool artworks that I wish I could make something with a similar awesomeness. And seems like my prays answered because she sell her works online!!

I can’t stop grinning on the thought of buying this last entire week and when it came the mail on thursday, I’m just so-so-so-so-so delighted!!! Here are my most favorite pages of the book:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetSee? So neat and beautiful that flipping every pages I couldn’t stop being like: “omg my art is just a trash that I should have to learn mooooooreeee TTTTT^TTTTT”

And not to mention that she is Indonesian too! Can’t I be more proud??! ❤

Anyway anyway, buying something online on weekend really manage my mood on the monday in order to waiting for the purchase to come. Am I the only one that think online purchase is just someone sent a present for me? I should have to do it moooore often;;



now if only I have a big deal of money….


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Cat Rhapsody

Now now Instagram really grant me a lots of wonderful things…and persons. So here I found OMOCAT and lusting and drolling and needing over her pieces. tumblrltwxxvfpqf1qegob8o1500 tumblrm0yqhzzrid1qegob8o1500 tumblrlruv3gfgpn1qegob8o1r1500 untitled-2 I mean, not only has a beautiful-meaningful-awesome printed pictures, there’s apparel section too! CAN’T YOU BELIEVE THAT?! And the concept of all models wearing mask is so cool also!!

The MOONGIRL Sweater from MOONGIRL series that I’ve been drolling over kazillion years ❤

slide-image-5 moongirlbag_1024x1024 angel_crew_1024x1024 006_1024x1024 1glitchsmall_1024x1024 And OMORI artworks are all so adorable also, I can staring at them all day ❤ OMORI'S_STORY tumblrm3ulw1fz071qegob8o1r1500 tumblrlwnkd86ssf1r8k88ao1500 IMG_20150305_230638 The apparels is pretty pricey, well reasonable IMHO since I still struggling on how to digital coloring and I know that’s not a skill that people could easily obtained and mastered (unless you are really really gifted, maybe?) but I still have THAT MUCH in my bank and I want want want that $50,00 MOONGIRL Sweater so so so so baadd! TT_TT #cryhard

Random I: I had not have even a single cup of tea this entire week so it so good to finally have one ❤

Random II: I currently listening Aimer over and over again.

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The Anti-climax

APPARENTLY, working is so so so so so exhausted! I’m not working yet, it still intern status, but working in ‘that’ kind of world, place, field; with ‘those’ kind of people, samples, pile of laboratory works; ah definitely not my place. I’m out.

Well actually can not out, yet…………..

Anyway enough about those things!

This is really really unimportant post, I know. I just merely frustrated.

Okay, I’m done.

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Simple & Clean

Photo taken by me, full credits please :)
Photo taken by me, full credits please 🙂

Been down to the sickness since the last post and still not fully healthy now, but yeah, better. Really missed to write here again, so now, while waiting my download complete (Guess what? Hint: MMORPG. Answer: ELSWORD!! XD ), I pour a mug of tea (I willing to sleep after this and I know tea contains caffein, but, blah who cares?) and just willing to make a very-raw-quick post here, so simple and clean, as Utada Hikaru’s song.

Tomorrow I’ll start my intenship period, which is one of the requirements to finish my final paper in order to pass the Yudisium and be graduated this year. I know I’ve said that talking about my daily life is soooo lame but as today I washed and ironed the uniform and laboratory coat as I fully intentioned and ready for tomorrow. Well, my intern place is kinda formal public association under the goverment and I have to make sure everything set as what it should be.

But whatever.

My point is, as I prepared things for tomorrow come, I feel like… the another door is opening. It’s like you play the game, then after gathering points to points, you finally leveled up and the next stage is opened! I know I never enjoy this, the things I have do everyday, but to experience this all, I can’t help the feeling that a new phase of my life has opened up. I can’t help myself to not feel excited and scared for the same time. Like a new kid waiting to explore life.

Apparently life is like a game, with lot of stages to be done and different alternate endings.

Just please help me and make everything go smooth, Ya Allah…

Well, seems like I’m running out of tea and my download is completed and I started to feel dizzy, soon I have to sleep. Tomorrow’s gonna be one of the big days of my life so please wish me luck, okay!

Take care, my lovely wolf fellows ❤