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I addicted to: SMOOTHIE!! Especially apple-banana-combine-with-everything smoothies! Yummy! Looking for A Job A great full-time job related to e-commerce bussiness would be nice! (Especially the one which related to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and homeliving) Addicted to Death Note Live Action Drama! Though it has a different characterizing of the characters than the movies and anime… Continue reading Recently I:

My Blabber Side

Latte of Late

In the Playstation 2 game: Persona 3 Trinity Soul, there’s a time between day to day, in precise 00.00 called Dark Hour, where such a whimsical things happens. It’s kinda similar time here on my zone, but there’s nothing whimsical happens. Instead, guess what I currently doing? a. Doing my final paper proposal b. Youtube-ing… Continue reading Latte of Late

My Blabber Side

Finally, People!!

All of my practical exams, I mean ALL OF THEM, has ended TO~DAAAYY~. Fufufufu….. When I think about it, still I cannot believe. Three months of daily study and practical and three months of exams. So six months in total of endless struggle, with tears, sweat, pains, tortureness, nervousness, tireness, anxiety, every hardness of facing my… Continue reading Finally, People!!