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Recently I:

  • I addicted to: SMOOTHIE!!

Especially apple-banana-combine-with-everything smoothies! Yummy!

  • Looking for A Job

A great full-time job related to e-commerce bussiness would be nice! (Especially the one which related to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and homeliving)

  • Addicted to Death Note Live Action Drama!

Though it has a different characterizing of the characters than the movies and anime did, different plot and execution twists and all, it’s truly RECOMMENDED! Please watch it!

  • Digging Over Matcha Latte

Because, WHY NOT?

  • Learning Various Foreign Languages

Or so I thought I would. Demanding myself to learn Japanese, Germany and polishing my English in the same time, scheduled in a week but end up in a most EPIC fails. Poor me ha-ha-hah.

Extra: Anyway my phone is dead and I dying of taking photos and play with camera. So here I am, opening my old folders and uploading my old picture. Pity, I know.


My Blabber Side

Bye Twenty

imageThe transition is not really good. When I stop excite for my birthday even forgot about it the whole day and before. Not having any festive feeling and feel gloomy almost all the time.

Now I know what it feels like to be adults.

Welcome forever 21, please be nice.

PS: This is my perfect song of the day, the pathetic one.

My Blabber Side

Latte of Late

In the Playstation 2 game: Persona 3 Trinity Soul, there’s a time between day to day, in precise 00.00 called Dark Hour, where such a whimsical things happens. It’s kinda similar time here on my zone, but there’s nothing whimsical happens. Instead, guess what I currently doing?

a. Doing my final paper proposal

b. Youtube-ing

c. Browsing

d. Listening music

e. Coffe-dr(u)nking

Three…Two…One!! Eeeeeek time’s up!!

The answer is, I do it all, at once!! *Imagine Lenka singing as a highlight*

I currently writing my Final Paper proposal (Oh I can’t believe this time will finally came in my college life, I’m both excited and frustrated ੧| ‾́ 〜 ‾́ |੭) /SLASH/ youtube-ing (Oh how adorable Jenn Im from Clothes encounters is I’m obsessed!!) /SLASH/ listening to a new album I’ve downloaded (Oh how Hakuchuumu by Aimer is such beautiful, melodical, magical soundtrack for the moment of frustration like this, yes, I’m a freaking masochist) /SLASH/ browsing though internet for some refreshment (but I end up stuck and the page count of my proposal is not increased hahah).

What’s more? I’m craving for pizza. Yes, this late, I’m Imagining about a wide wide pizza filled with pepperoni, smoked beef, sausage, cheese, tomato, paprica, and onion. Yada yada yare yare ₍₍ ( ‾᷄꒫‾᷅ ) ₎₎

Aaargggh it calling my nameee .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
Aaargggh it calling my nameee .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

My brain ‘ve been numb and I can’t clearly thinking. Thought I have to go to sleep now. See ya’ precious ❤

My Blabber Side

Finally, People!!

All of my practical exams, I mean ALL OF THEM, has ended TO~DAAAYY~. Fufufufu…..

When I think about it, still I cannot believe. Three months of daily study and practical and three months of exams. So six months in total of endless struggle, with tears, sweat, pains, tortureness, nervousness, tireness, anxiety, every hardness of facing my life. Now that semester, THAT hardest semester, had been over. Somehow, I don’t know why, maybe I’ve just used to feel nervous and anxious that I feeling overheart, so now after it’s all over, still my mind and feeling doesn’t feel relax much.

Now I officially in free day holiday, (which is not ‘free’ for totally much because still campus organization bussinesses waiting ahead) and I just thinking of spending time mostly with sleeping and relaxing. My rest time is on the deficit level, for you know.

Anyway, I promised myself to buy this after my exams is all over, so this evening, right away back from the campus, I dropped on CD shop and I bought this!!!!

The Hunting Party album by LINKIN PARK!!!

Feel so grateful.

Thank You Ya Allah, I never been able to overcome this if it is not Your help. Thank You for everything.


My Blabber Side

A Glimpse

Miss my blog so bad. I have to log in here and there to work out the new event blog for BEM-J so I can no longer talk much here as usual. 😦

Those past two weeks of Ied holiday is so wonderful. As there’s more spare time together, me family have more often intimate talks that we talked and discussed about everything from joking around to debating politic and economy. We talked from A to Z in our road to visited the hometown. I don’t read much nor wrote much, my days is simply just lazy days. Laying and rolling all around in bed and do nothing if not in time to visiting relatives. Not really productive I know, but sometimes we human need that kind of activity in one and another time, yes? Especially if we live in busy hectic crazy metropolitan city. That relaxing.

Some people whom used to busy would feel disoriented and lost if they have nothing to do in the certain time. I have that kind of friends. But instead, I always take free days as a granted. I have to be grateful because I never feel bored or confused in the loooooong free day. I always always have much to do, even it just laying around and do nothing. Every second will be worth for me.

Treasure your free time, folks, because some people don’t have that much!!

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