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Ceremony Woot Woot

I know I’m such a freaking junkie for shoes. And there’s one shoes that I’m obsessed the most. I’ve saw it on Katahira Rina’s “Oh JANE” music video before and instantly fall in love in the first sight.

Look!! This shoes I mean! <3
Look!! This shoes I mean! ❤

But since I can’t find where is it from, I just capture as many picture of it in the video as possible, in case I find a revelation someday.


I just tracing Clothes Encounters’s video I accidentally found it here! Wore by Jenn Im!! Gosh!

How I Style - Mom Jeans.mp4_000074441

So then I crazily-hastily-blindly browsing and VOILA!! I found her on Solestruck! Grunge Oxford in silver pearl patent!

Look at her! Aren't she a beautiful things ever?!
Look at her! Aren’t she a beautiful things ever?!

But my eyes almost popped out when I see the price, $369.95,! IM JUST AN UNEMPLOYED STUDENT OH WORLD IS UNFAIR.

But I can’t really hands up for such a beauty like this so since I’ve saved all the pictures of it, think I will bring it to the shoe-maker to made me a customized ones YAY (note: Please bear with me because that’s all I can do for now T__T)

Oh how I loved patent leather shoes….

That's why I love love my current shoes
That’s why I love love my current shoes
And my old shoes that had been nowhere now since I wear them too often hahah :P
And my old shoes that had been nowhere now since I wear them too often hahah 😛

Anyway, I feel unwell these days, a hints of heavy cold and flu everytime, especially on the evening. So since I’ve made a great progress for my final paper proposal today, I will just make a hot milk and go to bed after this.

In Indonesia, the weather is pretty upredictable these days, so take care everyone, wherever you are ❤

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Alexander McQueen SS15 Collection

I don’t really goes on with high designer such as Miu Miu, Prada, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, or else. But just a first glimpse of Alexander McQueen SS15, I instantly fall in love.

Those are the great combination of Samurai and Geisha presented with more darker vibe. Strenghten by the accents of obi, Orchids, Sakura, kimono cutting, and waraji-tie-styled gladiator sandal. Completion from the fierce samurai into the fluffy sakura.

I looooove all of them, but if I have to choose, I would probably say picture number 1, 10, and 11.

MARC0021 MARC0037 MARC0085 MARC0099 MARC0133 MARC0219 MARC0235 MARC0267 MARC0299 MARC0339 MARC0375 MARC0389 MARC0421 MARC0449 MARC0483

Credits: Pictures are taken from


PS : I miss this blog and I miss you guys, but my life currently at rush now so I will rarely catch up here! Sadly sadly sadly 😦

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Wishlist Number #70

It’s obvious for me now. When you are chosen as a leader, it means that you have to dive yourself in the middle of so many people.





And because more people means more opinions to face, no matter how hard you tried the best, there are always people who mock you, stab you, make fun of you. Just because they are not satisfied of what you had done.




However, it’s a free world! Everyone allowed to have their own opinion, so it’s up to them. But despite to satisfied or dissatisfied your people, being a leader means you have to think over what’s the best of everyone. That the point.


Never let them freakin’ you out! Just stay focus!



PS: I always adore how boys wear oversized shirt and look amazingly cool with it. So when oniichan is not home, I tried to sliding his wardrobe to grab some great oversized shirt! See, this dark brown corduroy shirt is belong to him! And still so many great piece in his wardrobe to go! Just can’t wait another time to play with them!

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Rule Breaker

Sliding on my white pieces and decide to wear it in a different way. The cape is actually a shawl and the dress is actually a skirt.

I found the gloves on random in extremely cheap price and quite impressed that it matched with my beanie. Oh, and bear with me because I obsessed with this green beanie so I wear it over and over agaiiinn… Hehehe.  How I love winter essentials eventhou’ the real cold weather never been here in Indonesia.




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An Attempt

It’s true that I love fashion as I treasured it as one of kind of art. Especially, when it’s comes to fashion design. Then sometimes this random thought comes to me that I want to live this blog as a fashion blogger. Strange, huh? But, in the same time, the ideas of becoming fashion blogger sounds to me that I can only fill the blog related to fashion posts and had my life swirling around in the name of fashion, I don’t like it. It would feels I lose my independence.

Told me anything, but I don’t have enough courage to dedicated myself for it. It would feels I’m totally go out from my comfort zone and I’m not ready yet, it embarassed me.

Besides, I am still a pure nerd who dying over books and loves to watch news about politic and environment.





But it will no harm if I do this once in a while, yes? Claimed ‘fashion blogger’ is frightens me, but if it as ‘whatever blogger’ I would do it with pleasure.

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Vibrant Color

It was cloudy and pretty tiring today but my mind shine bright like there was birds singing wherever I turn my head.


Asked to edited my friend’s photo with app that first time I knew! Well, I’m not smartphone user so, you know what I mean?

I usually avoid using this kinda sunny-shinny-bubbly colors but felt like today and she turns out happy with the result! ^^
I usually avoid using this kinda sunny-shinny-bubbly colors but felt like today and she turns out happy with the result! ^^

And asked by a friend to sketch her some skirt designs and I take it as my first project from my first client!

Since she's just easy-to-go kinda girl, gotta just rock my casual mind!
Since she’s just easy-to-go kinda girl, gotta just rock my casual mind!

I LOVE the way I live, and I LOVE the way I make myself alive.
If you can’t get the world you want, you can always make that world by yourself.


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Not in Mood

That’s why I keep blogging. Just want to blabbering out all the things. My vision of many things had changes, nowadays. Something that I used to don’t like, now is one of thing that I keep spazzing around. Something other that I usually do, now I just threw it out nowhere. Is that a sign that I had grown up already?? Then, is that a bad thing or good thing? I can’t help but depressing so many things. I’m just an escapist these days, used to escape to my other world and stuck there before I nagged by everybody to comeback.

OOT!! It’s just me late on realizing it or the Candy Bag had cuteness overload nowadays? It something too adorable yet yummy that I feel like to chew chew chew and swallow it!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH >w<


url 2

url 3

Since mother is a huge fan of bags, gonna spazzing after mother to buy it, I think? 😛

PS: Willing to search a new colour for polish my nails! Need something transparent and glittery like that Candy Bags!! ♥♥♥