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More, and More, and More

Had a family dinner today (well, since it’s already 2 AM, should I say yesterday?) and father let me drove the car in the way back!! Eventhough it already near the home, I was too excited! Heheheh.. PS: It’s funny that sometimes little cute things can brighten you day, eh? PS again: The day before… Continue reading More, and More, and More

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来た !!!!!!!

I’ve just gone through the most terrible-hardest-mentaltesting practical exam, Chromatography!!! This is basically the hardest practical exam in this semester, even, in my lifetime of college by now. So many frustrating-and-sleepless nights I went through that feels like I have no time to think about other things! But the worst is, I don’t know whether… Continue reading 来た !!!!!!!

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February Please Come Fast!

Released on February 5th, I can’t wait my CD arrived!!! Oh yeah, still 2 to 3 more weeks for it shipping, but I can’t stop thinking about it these days!! And YES, I’m just in love with Mitsumura Tatsuya AGAIN and AGAIN. I’m going so helpless…….. Oh, and speaking about Tatsuya, I just got crazy… Continue reading February Please Come Fast!

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(My Sweet) Eden [Kanji + Translated]

Title: (My Sweet) Eden Writter: Mitsumura Tatsuya Composer: Mitsumura Tatsuya Performed: NICO Touches the Walls [KANJI] さあ三つ数えたら手を離してよ ここから僕は旅立っていく 浪漫飛行船飛んでいけ 未来という草原の上 4割程度の降水確率じゃ ビニール傘なんて持たぬよう 曇りのち雨だって プラス思考でいようぜ もう 精一杯声を枯らして 目指してる未知の果て 呆れるほど GO GO 期待してみよう そう 今ならReady Set Go よく食べよく学べば誰だって 皆大人になれるようだけど マニュアルなんていらない 風向き変えてしまえよ 目覚めろもういい加減 未来はもう目の前 そのイメージの向こうを描いていこう そう Everybody Ready Set Go! Let me say “go” Everybody Sings Everybody Sings… Continue reading (My Sweet) Eden [Kanji + Translated]