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So That is All About

The complexity of high ability, multitalented and creative people shows up in many ways, such as enjoying – and being challenged by – many interests and passions.

-Douglas Eby in Developing Multiple Talents

Apparently I’m not a so-called unstable and ever-changing person. I’m just…. multitalented.


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Lie to me

Know what?

I’ve just tracing back the early months when I start writing in this blog and I found I’ve changed a lot. From someone that is too naive and innocent and high-energy into….how I describe myself today, huh? But my point is, I miss writing something like I was done back then. So free, so pure, so honest. I don’t know why I can’t let myself being that kind anymore.

Well enough of the heart-to-heart melanchony part. What I want to talk now is, if you happen to follow my twitter, you must know that I mumbling and blabbering too much about one specific TV series: Lie to me.

lie to me

No, this Lie to me is not korean drama (I don’t watch k-dramas though) but it’s an american Television series about psychological scientists who help clients regarding their crime case by studying involved person’s microexpressions.

Which is, practically, so damn cool.


Basically I’m too addicted by it right now that I often found watching it during my spare time hohoho. I know, I know, I’m way too late, ain’t I? I knew it since some years ago it played on TV but it just played on not-right hours in not-so-right days so though I find it soo great, I can’t watch it properly, duh! So here I am, download it from the internet and watching it over and over again.

I find that I always attracted by films or shows or that involved psychological issues. I have watched two seasons out of three and so far, my fave is the first episode of season two, The Core of It. Which played out a person with different personas inside her (which I’ve ever read that type of psychological disease but can’t remember now what’s it called).

If you love crime stories (as I am, especially if it’s involving cool tactical ways to solve the cases), I suggests you to watch this one (´。✪ω✪。`)

PS: does anyone here know how to do fruit detox? I willing to do it since I, *cough* loving fruits so much*cough* and I fall sick easily these days so I have to do SOMETHING with this body. (●´⌓`●)

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Youtuber One Day

No, it isn’t mean I making videos and upload it on youtube. Tho I really want it honestly but I don’t have camera with a so-so quality so, yeah, I have to wait another years to come to be a youtuber.

Anyway my point is: it’s sunday and I’m totally free (actually NO, but I’m too tired to think about college’s academic bussinesses so I neglect it just like that) and I used this day to…..WATCHING YOUTUBE ALL-DAY!!

And I managed to explore many exciting things on youtube! For example, I’m just subscribe to DigitalRevTV channel.


It’s a channel about photography but what makes it wonderful, it presented by an easy way to be understood by amateurs! It filled with useful ‘how-to’ videos, useful ‘what is’ videos, have so many interesting segments such as “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge” series, put lot on reviewing the classic rival: Canon vs Nikon, plus they’re so funny that it refresh me a lot!!

For people who wanted to learn photography online through youtube but always find that photography tutorial videos existed are so long-winded, out of point, and hard to understand, I recommending this channel A LOT.

But even if you aren’t into photography, you definitely should check them out!

AND (this is the most interesting part of this day) look what I found on youtube:

Against The Current, a band vocalled by Chrissy Constanza, have a song featuring TAKA from ONE OK ROCK. I mean, it’s really TAKA! It’s really ONE OK ROCK!!


God can I be more proud of TAKA?! Can I? Can’t I?


This is a wonderful day…. *dances*

My Chaotic Philosophy


IMG_20150509_072506Though I usually enjoyed read one’s life updates on their blog, I know it’s pretty boring for some people, but yeah I’ll write it anyway. It’s my blog anyway ehehehe

Yesterday I was done the pre-symposium of my final paper project. Yet it turns out perfect (Alhamdulillah…) still it was a hectic day that I don’t even has single time to eat and I got a terrible headache from then still now and my health just dropped so I have to get my full bed rest (again).

I met my seniors yesterday, they have been an alumnus and we talked alot mainly about future and career. Everytime we talked about what we supposed to be when we graduated, my heart aches all the time. A bitter smile that I can’t hide, that anyone could read instantly. Feels like I want to scream to anyone, to blame everything.

I’m such a pathetic one to said that I already has a clear goals, tho it’s like a mess in my head when I wondering where exactly I headed to.

Then I talked to my junior who knows pretty well about my struggle and she said, “If you has graduated in the near future and you don’t chase your REAL dream, then I will be so mad at you.”

It just a simple conversation and words she used, but I don’t know why it makes me think a lot. It’s makes me realized that chase my own goal is totally not a wrong thing. It just natural, because human born different and has a different path yet different destination every each other. It called destiny.

I don’t know where I have to go, but I have plenty of plans.

I don’t know would it works or no, but I have no other choice instead try.

Life sometimes about all pain and struggle. It’s hard, I won’t lie. But to be surrender it’s not even a choice for me, and supposedly, for us.

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What I Really Need Right Now:

Pic taken from
Pic taken from


It’s kinda embarassing that Indonesia has countless beautiful beaches but I never enjoy beach as much as I enjoyed mountain and hill and other chill-and-green-and-quiet places. But yeah, I really want want want a beach vacation right now

Anyone willing to invite me?

Ps: I know it’s super late, but I currently watching PERSONA 3 The Movie Right now!! I love the dark and mysterious and gothic atmosphere of it ❤

My Blabber Side · My Chaotic Philosophy


The internship has been over and now moving towards the next step of my college life.

And today, after such a long-endless thinking before, I finally decided what I want to do after graduate. It’s not a big deal of life choice, tho, but finally I decided what I want instead of do other people want me to do.

It just a little plan. But hopefully it help me reaching towards my intended plans.