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Playlist of a Swaying Mood

Tried to decipher how my mood can easily swing by analyzing what songs I heard within the day, and this is the result.

9.00 Am


10.00 AM


10.30 AM


11.09 AM


11.20 AM


11.50 AM


2.57 PM


3.04 PM


3.50 PM


6.05 PM


6.24 PM



My playlist is stochastic so the result is: My mood swing level is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

Yesterday I marathoned this particular miniseries by Cartoon Network called Over the Garden Wall. Ok, it may sounds weird despite that I’m a tragedic-and-gore story freak some years ago but now I hate hate hate sad and depressing and tragedic story. It’s good that it didn’t have sad ending (if that case, I can hate… Continue reading Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

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Tittle: 花言葉 / HANAKOTOBA Written By: Me 漢字: もう四月よねえ、春に花たちが咲いてる 新しくて木漏れ陽がキラキラ見えるのに 君の声もその笑顔もずっと 聞きたいんだよ、見ていたいよ、君が毎日に 花言葉は咲いてるよ、君に送る 意味を分かるのなら教えてよ 近くに入るなんて不思議な、弱虫ばかり 私に答えてよ、花言葉 Translate: It’s already April isn’t it? The time of spring where the flowers are blooming And the sunlight creates a new sparkling shades through the trees and leaves Your voice and your smile always always Be the one that… Continue reading 花言葉

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Mood Fixed with the Strings

Not sure if I’m too creative or too shallow to leave alone my tasks and assignments behind and doing this instead, but, yeah, I serve you ANOTHER VIDEO~~!! [INSERT HEAVENLY BACKSOUND HERE]. This time I just grab out my guitar and make the list of songs part I want to play and I just did… Continue reading Mood Fixed with the Strings

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Tittle: PELANGI Written By: Me ‘Ku ingin tanya padamu Apa rasa kebebasan itu? Setelah kau kecap wangi udara yang tak semu. Bolehkah kutanya lagi? Bagaimana semu aindah bagimu? Haruskah kau sakit dan terluka berat dahulu? Seraya jari tertunjuk ke langit Matahari dan bulan silih berganti. Batas dunia tak berbeda lagi. Dan aku mencari pelangi Demi… Continue reading PELANGI

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Mozart Struck

The day before yesterday I went to vintage cassete store with mother and while mother got her country songs, I got these!! Actually, classic and baroque composers that I love to the moon and back is Tchaikovsky, Handel, Pachelbel, and Chopin. I’m not really set my ears on Mozart and Beethoven. I’ve usually find their… Continue reading Mozart Struck